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Internet Safety at Home

The Internet is a great resource for your family. At the click of a button you can find pages and pages of information about any topic of interest. You can play games that teach and games that are just plain fun. To keep your family safe on the Internet there are several common guidelines and tips that you can follow:

1. Use parental controls to filter, block, and view what you children see on the Internet.

2. Check your Web browser's history to see what websites have been visited on your computer.

3. Make sure you have a password on your computer to lock it. You can also require a password to be entered before downloading any software.

4. Establish house rules about what websites can be visited and which hours, or how many hours, can be used for Internet activities.

5. Monitor your child's activities on the Internet. Don't worry about feeling like you're intruding. You are protecting them just as you would protect them while crossing the street.

6. Teach your children not to give out personal information online and keep all passwords private.

7. Teach your children about cyberbullying and how to talk to you if they feel they are being bullied online.

8. Be aware that your children may also be able to access the Internet through a cellphone. All of the above guidelines apply to cellphone use as well.

For more information about keeping your family safe on the Internet try the following websites:

FBI KIDS - FBI Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge

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Internet Essentials - Online Safety and Security

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